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A heartwarming video of Spanish Police personnel giving a live music performance on the deserted streets of Mallorca Island has gone viral. The video has emerged at a time when people are practicing self-isolation because of the spread of coronavirus.

The video starts very dramatically as two police cars can be seen driving into a deserted street with their sirens blowing. People can be heard clapping on their arrival. The cars then stop in the middle of the street, and a bunch of police personnel comes out in a rather cheerful fashion.

One of the personnel can be seen holding a guitar, and the people standing in their balconies and near their windows, increase the intensity of their applause. The ‘guitarist’ then shouts, “We’ve come to sing.”

The five policemen then start singing “Joan Petit”, a common Catalan children’s’ song, and insist people to sing along with them. The crowd joins them in the chorus, and the previously deserted street is suddenly filled up with enthusiasm and energy.

According to a local newspaper (Diario de Mallorca) in Mallorca, one of the policemen is a member of a singing group called Ses Bubotes. The performance didn’t come as a surprise to many people because the police force had already shared posters of the performance on various social networks. The poster said that the police force will be patrolling the streets while giving live music performances from three to seven in the afternoon on Saturday.

The video was posted by Ada Jo March, a Twitter user who didn’t record the clip herself. The clip has gone viral and has got over 6.5 Million views as of now.

Spain has reported over 1800 deaths and more than 29,900 positive cases of the novel coronavirus. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced on Sunday that the state of emergency in the country will be extended by another 15 days.


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