In a mind boggling video that went viral on social media, a cow was seen playing football like a pro. The video was reportedly shot in Mardol area of Goa. The video got numerous views and shared widely within few hours of posting on a range of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp.

In the video the cow is seen chasing the ball and controlling it in the midst of a group of players. As the ball lands near the cow, its takes charge. Despite repeated attempts by the players, the animal refuses to give the ball.

The cow is seen kicking the ball and moving it with its nose. The way it plays along looks like the animal understands the game very well. The players are heard speaking in Konkani.

After a while, one of the players manages to get the ball and the cow chases the ball towards the goal post. Netizens lauded the cow for its amazing defending skills.


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