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Do you know from where the baby Simba in The Lion King was inspired? Here is something really interesting and cute for all The Lion King fans. The lioness Bahati who belongs to the Dallas Zoo in Texas, United States of America, was used as the model for baby Simba in the live-action version of The Lion King.

But how do we know that? The official Facebook page of Dallas Zoo shared the video of baby Bahati where the lioness is seen moving her head and paws, oozing out oodles of cuteness.

“BAHATI OR SIMBA?: The world’s most famous lion cub may have gotten some of his moves from our very own Bahati! When Bahati was just a month old, we provided Disney with video of her movements for their animation team to use for motion and behaviour reference when designing Simba in The Lion King. From walking on wobbly new legs to licking milk droplets off of her face, we captured every moment, no matter how small. So now you MUST go see Disney’s The Lion King (opening today!), and let us know if you see any bit of baby Bahati in Simba,” said the zoo on their official Facebook page.

Here check out the video:

As per the report, the zoo sent a short clip of the little lion cub to Disney, that included her first steps to meals with her mother among other things.

Lioness Bahati is no longer a sweet little cub as when the footage was sent to Disney, she was just a month-old cub and now she is a fully grown two-and-half-year old lioness.

The Lion King is the photorealistic remake of the 1994 animated film. Since its release, The Lion King has taken the worldwide as well as Indian box-office by storm. In India only, the film has successfully minted Rs 30.21 crore in just two days. The film as managed to surpass the opening-day collection of The Jungle Book, which opened with Rs 10.09 crore while The Lion King made Rs 11.06 crore on its opening day.

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