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Munching on some delicious chicken legs at an event in Hyderabad, Telangana ministers rubbished the rumors of coronavirus spreading through chicken and eggs.

Many ministers, including the working president of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi KT Rama Rao, were seen standing with a chicken leg in their hands. Their faces gleamed and showed no fear towards the rumored ‘Coronavirus spreader’ they were holding in their hands.

Rumors that consuming chicken and eggs can cause coronavirus had been doing rounds in the are. The ministers came up with a creative idea to dispel the rumors.

Although it should be noted that the World Health Organization has released guidelines to be cautious while managing and cooking food. The WHO had recommended the use of separate cutting equipment for cooked food and raw meat.

The first case of Coronavirus came up in Wuhan when a bunch of people found suffering from a strange type of pneumonia emerged. A seafood and live animal market is being considered as the epicenter of the deadly virus. This revelation has generated fear among people that the deadly virus can be spread through animals, which led to a slowdown in chicken sales.


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