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Chain snatching incidents are not new to Delhi, but what was seen in a CCTV footage of an incident in Delhi’s Nangloi was far from ordinary.

The footage, gone viral, shows a woman foiling a robbery bid as she thrashes a man on a bike, trying to snatch her chain and escape.

In the video, the woman accompanied by a  little girl is seen getting off from the rickshaw and crossing the road when two men drive towards the two.

Viewers were astonished to see that when the pillion rider attempted to snatch the woman’s chain, she caught hold of his arm and pulled him off the motorcycle.

The one driver fled the scene, while the chain snatcher left behind was soon surrounded by an angry crowd which thrashed him, while the woman landed a few blows herself.

The video has since been doing round on social media with many praising the audacious woman.

Here are some of the reactions on twitter:


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