Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) [India], October 23: Vegetable prices have shot up since the last few days in parts of Varanasi causing a major worry for people struggling to survive amid the pandemic.

“Potatoes are priced at Rs 40, onions at Rs 70. They were affordable earlier. Other green vegetables have also seen a spike. Tomatoes are sold at Rs 40-54 which was initially priced at Rs 30. We belong to middle-class families, I’m currently jobless due to the pandemic. It’s very difficult to survive,” Naveen Kumar Singh, a local customer, said.

Large quantities of onions kept in warehouses have gone bad due to the pandemic and hence their prices have suddenly shot up. Many parts of the country witnessed severe rainfall and floods which have also had an impact on the rising prices of the vegetables.

“Vegetable prices have doubled in prices. Common people are lost amid rising expenses during COVID-19. A huge quantity of onions kept in the warehouses has gone bad as they were not sold due to the lockdown. Now the common man is suffering,” Ram Yadav, a vegetable shop owner, said.

“We cannot afford such expensive rates for common vegetables like potatoes and onions. Our sources of income have been curbed due to the pandemic, now how do we survive this price hike?” Maya Devi, another customer said.


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