A woman from South Carolina became a social media star by dressing herself like a baby as she turned 336 months old.

The woman became a social media sensation after her ‘baby shoot’ went viral. Her best friend Staphanie Smith, a photographer by profession decided to shoot her as a baby she had a trouble turning 28.

They decided to do so since her newsfeed around Christmas was full of images of babies, happily celebrating the festival. She wanted to do something similar and came up with the idea of dressing herself as a baby.

Ham took the help of her mother and father, though they were pretty confused about the idea.

Smith said, “None of us had a straight face,” especially when Ham laid on the floor, with a giant bow on her forehead and fake flowers that costed around $160

“We had to roll her back and forth to get her legs in,” Smith added.

Staged next to her was a sign that read, “336 Months Old. Loves – Champagne. Hates – Dating in 2018. Go Tigers!”

Wrapped in a queen-sized comforter from Target with just her underclothes on. “It was hilarious,” Smith said. “She got really hot in there. So after about 20 to 25 minutes, she said, ‘Can I get out of this?”’

After Smith posted the images on her social media page, it caught the attention of a lot of people. Journalists started calling. “It’s a constant train that I can’t keep up with,” she said.

“As a photographer, this is not my best work.” “But it is fun to see that 6 million people have viewed my photos, “she added.


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