Several irregularities were noted in the recently concluded 10th and 12th standard examinations conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) this year. Many errors were reported in English, Hindi, Kannada and Physics examinations.

CBSE had taken measures to avoid leakage like of question papers unlike last year. Last year class 12th economics paper and class 10th Mathematics paper were compromised causing inconvenience to approximately 20 lakh students.

This time CBSE launched Confidential Material Tracking and Monitoring (CMTM) app and TETRA- Theory Evaluation Trend Analysis for evaluation.

Despite the efforts numerous errors took place causing confusion among students and leading to waste of time during the examinations.

In the English Paper of class 12th, several students complained about an ‘out of the syllabus’ question. While students are expected to study one out of the two novels namely- Invisible man or Silas Marner, the exam asked question from both of them. Later the board clarified there was error in the internal choice and that not all sets carried the error.

Similarly in Class 12 accountancy examination numerous printing errors were present. A question asked for realization account instead of revaluation account.

 In another instance in class 12th mathematics paper a question reportedly asked the students to find out the area ‘above’ X-Axis.

Such mistakes are best avoided as it takes a lot of valuable time of the students decoding the question in the exam hall. CBSE needs to take more measures in the best interests of the students and also to avoid controversies later.


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