The Karnataka Primary and Secondary Education Department is all set to introduce board exams for 7th standard in the state. The Education Minister Suresh Kumar told media that the changes will be enforced in the current academic year.

Suresh Kumar said “We are introducing board exam for student of class 7 form this year onwards. A committee will be set up to look into the feasibility of the move.”

The education department is also planning to do away with the rule that says students cannot be held back even if they fail till class 9th citing that the quality of education being imparted is suffering.

The Education Minister added that “there is a need to ensure that students are learning what is being taught. By passing them to the next standard without appropriate learning, the quality of education is getting affected.”

The reason behind the move is that if the board exams are conducted in class 7, then SSLC would be preparing the question papers and answer keys. The papers would be corrected at the district level.

It has been observed that in some schools teachers give good scores in the final exams only for the sake of the reputation of the school. This move is expected to put an end to such practices. When it comes to board exams it will be difficult for the schools to fudge the mark sheets.

If the government is unable to implement it this year, an official from the education department said it would be implemented from the next academic year. This indicates that the government is keen to start board exams for students of 7th class in the state.

Education is place in the concurrent list. Under the Right to Education Act 2009, students are not required to take any board exam until elementary education and no student can be held back until 8th class.

Karnataka government had amended this provision to enable the education department introduce board exams to students of class 7.


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