Chingri Malai Curry

A palate full of small sized prawns cooked in yummy coconut cream with spices from a Bengali’s kitchen this dish is a must-have when visiting any Bengali restaurant or Bengali household. Chingri is also known as river prawns.

Sorsebata Ilish Mach

Hilsa fish also known as Ilish is what Bengali’s are most fond of. Soreshe refers to mustard. The hilsa fish is first fried in mustard oil and then cooked well with the paste of mustard seeds. The dish is so tasty that you cannot stop licking your fingers after having it.



Doi Maach

Doi is curd and Maach is fish. Thus in simple words, it means that the fish is cooked in the curd. But nobody else can cook fish with curd like a Bengali. Pieces of Rohu fish are first fried in oil and then prepared with white curd with the exquisite spices.

Begun Bhaja

Finely cut slices of eggplant marinated with salt, turmeric, and gram flour; deep fried and severe hot with your meal.

 Keema Muttor

Keema means finely chopped pieces of mutton or chicken. The keema is cooked with muttor(green peas) with extra spices to excite your taste buds.

Aloo Potol Posto

It’s a very easy and quick preparation. Pointed gourd along with potato is cooked in thick poppy seeds to make a light yet tasty dish. Coconut puree can also be added to give it a sweetish taste.


One of the authentic dishes of the Bengali cuisine, Shukto is usually served with the first course of the meal. The dish is an amalgamation of vegetables like bitter gourd, soft brinjals, crunchy drumsticks, potatoes, and bori. Thick cream is added to give a smooth texture to the dish.

A meal is not complete without a heartful of dessert. Famous for their sweet tooth, Bengal has varieties of sweet dishes. Some of the fondest dishes are:


It is a delicate Indian pancake plunged in sweet saffron syrup. The blend is carefully prepared with cardamoms to give it an immaculate taste. This flavourful sweet dish tastes best when served hot with cool rabri.


The mouth-watering sweet chenna or fresh cottage cheese garnished with dry fruits is the ultimate dessert of a Bengali cuisine.


A must have Bengali sweet dish prepared in the form of crepes stuffed with coconut and jaggery. Tastes best when eaten hot. 


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