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A ‘Chicken Mela’ organized near the Gorakhpur railway station sold a platter full of chicken dishes for just Rs 30. This led to scores of people gathering at the location to enjoy a relish worthy dish or two.

Rubbishing the rumors that chicken is a carrier of the deadly coronavirus, the Poultry Farm Association organized this Chicken Mela on Saturday. Poultry Farm Association’s president, Vineet Singh, said that chicken sales have gone down owing to the rumors that it can infect humans with the COVID-19.

Sharing information regarding the ‘success’ of the Mela, Vineet said, “We organized this Mela where we invited people to eat chicken. We wanted to tell them that coronavirus is not caused by eating chicken, mutton, or fish. We cooked over a thousand kilograms of chicken for the Mela, and the entire stock was finished.”

Earlier on Friday, few Telangana ministers enjoyed a piece of chicken leg on stage, at an event organized by the National Egg Coordination Committee, Telangana Poultry Federation, and Telangana Poultry Breeders Association in Hyderabad. This event also aimed towards shunning the rumor that Coronavirus can spread by consuming chicken.

Many efforts are being made around the country to revive the chicken meat market that is suffering from a slowdown due to coronavirus rumors.


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