Holi Sweets

Holi is here and other than the colour hues being smeared on our faces, the festival of Holi also brings an opportunity to indulge in some lip-smacking sweets.

On Holi, greeting friends and family with mouth-watering delicacies straight on Holi from the cookbooks of our grandmothers is something we all Indians love.

Here are 7 mouth-watering traditional delicacies that are devoured by every Indian on Holi.

1.    Gujiya – the name Holi itself resonates with this traditional, age-old sweet which is like a sweet stuffed dumpling. Favorite of all, and famous in the northern part of the country, this sweet is generally whipped out especially for the festival of Holi.

2.    Ras Malai – how can we forget this amazing Indian sweet, originating in West Bengal, these are sweet dough balls that have a stuffing of saffron, nuts, pistachio, dipped in fresh cardamom cream served cold. This dish is an all-rounder and fits every happy occasion and even Holi.

3.    Malpua – these are like sweet pancakes/ crepe like sweet, submerged in more sweetness of sugar syrup. This sweet is prepared using coconut, banana flour, milk, and cardamom.

4.    Bhaang Laddoos – laddoos are an all-time favorite no matter what the occasion is. And what better way to make Holi more amazing with laddoos induced with bhang, a must during the festivities of Holi. The bhang helps one rejoice and relax and the laddoos are everyone’s favorite making it a win-win situation.

5.    Puran Poli – a sweet buttery flatbread, almost looking like a roti but tasting much better and sweeter. The sweet is stuffed with ghee (clarified butter) or milk and served hot. An amazing dish, fresh out of the oven and best to satisfy the hunger.

6.    Moong Dal Halwa – another all-time favorite sweet, this dish is sweet, healthy and an amazing dish to serve during Holi. It is loaded with nutrition’s from all the nuts and dry fruits, and the main ingredient is lentils, the protein source.

7.    Thandai Kheer – the desert version of the famous traditional drink of Holi, Thandai. Cooked in rice and the milk thandai mixture until it gets a pudding consistency. So now you can eat your thandai as well.

Forget your diet or restriction, indulge in these traditional Holi dishes that are bound to transport you back to your childhood and give you some good old nostalgia.

(Article contributed by Aditi Chandra)


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