India with its rich culture and heritage has numerous cuisines. Each cuisine is special in its own culture. To enhance the taste of each cuisine there are certain spices that are mandatory for the preparation of every Indian dish. Here are some of the integral ingredients that are quintessential in our Indian cuisine.

1. Cumin seeds

Cumin seeds or cumin powder, both are added in Indian cuisine. Its strong flavour and aroma give warmth and earthy feeling to the diner. It plays well with all other spices. However, too much of it can make the taste slightly bitter.


2. Coriander seeds

Coriander seeds and leaves have a key role in Indian cooking as the seed adds to taste, the leaves are used for garnishing. The fresh smell of the leaves hits directly to the taste buds of the eater. The leaves are an integral part of the Indian Cuisine and are also good for health.


3. Black mustard seeds

Black, Brown and yellow mustard seeds are one of the main component used in Indian cooking. The mustard seeds are put into hot mustard oil which gives a smoky essence to the dish. It is used in most of the staple curries in North and South India.

4. Garam masala

This is a mix of flavors that vary from different regions in India as indicated by the cook. You’ll need to add this to the container when the formula is relatively completed so the fragrant flavor doesn’t cook off or turn unpleasant.



5. Turmeric

This distinctive yellow spice is the backbone of Indian eateries. It is the head of all spices. This spice also has healing properties due to its anti-inflammatory feature and is extremely good for health. It also cleanses the digestive system and helps the body to fight diseases.  


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