China is finally ruling India. Not territory wise but in our kitchens. The war is on our food plates. Chinese cuisine is becoming one of the most liked meals in India. From streets to restaurants to cafes Chinese cuisine is entering the Indian kitchen. Here are some of the Chinese dishes that are only found in India.

Chilli Chicken

Be it gravy or dry chilli chicken is must when we talk of Chinese food in India. Marinated in ginger garlic paste and hot chilli sauce, the roasted chicken is first fried. The gravy is made with sautéed onion and bell pepper cooked in tomato sauce, chilli sauce, and soya sauce. Sesame seeds are added to enhance the taste.


Although Chinese have their special Manchurian, Indians have given it their own twist. From gobi and paneer Manchurian to fish and mutton Indians had had all kinds of Manchurian.



Chowmein in India is a household name. The snack is easy to cook and tasty to eat. However, even if you find chowmein in every part of India, every place has its own way of preparation.


Manchow Soup

In the Indian version, Manchow Soup is a soy-based spicy soup flavoured with garlic and ginger, cooked with vegetables or meat, carrots, celery and garnished with fried noodles.


Spring Rolls

While egg rolls are a part of Mughlai cuisine spring rolls were introduced as Chinese cuisine. Spring rolls are wheat rolls stuffed with noodles and deep fried in oil. It is often served with the special Chinese schezwan sauce.

American Chop Suey

Crispy noodles with Chinese gravy is an integral dish in the Chinese cuisine. American chop-suey has nothing to do with its name as it is a Chinese dish.


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