Chole Bhature

Nowhere in India can you find this fluffy and soft kneaded bhature with the finger licking chole. Delhi is famous for these pocket-friendly and tasty chole bhature. Every street in Delhi has a stall that makes the yummiest of Chole with bhature . Each plate has two bhature, a bowl of chole and salad. Don’t forget to ask for a spoon full of achaar.

Price per plate: 30/-


Puchka, paani-puri, golgappa, gupchup many names but the same taste. Golgappa is one of the most cheap and mouth watering snack of India. With all the states having their own version of these water balls, Delhi has its special version. The puffed wheat balls is filled with mashed potato and filled with chilled pudina water and sprinkled with spices.

Price per plate: 20/- (5 pieces)

Dahi Bhalle

The soaked dal vada dipped in sweet curd and mixed with tangy tamarind chutney and pudina chutney will make you crave for it whenever you cross by the streets of Chandni Chowk.

Price per plate: 50/-

Kachori with Sabzi

Your morning breakfast is sorted if you have tasted this dish at least once. The crispy kachori mashed over the spicy aloo ki sabzi will make you drool over it.

Price per plate: 20/-

Daulat ki Chaat

Velvety, thick milk is stirred, and the foam that structures is kept in a bowl. A few froths of saffron-infused milk are added for light shading and flavor. Before serving, a pinch of grounded sugar is added to it. This dessert is only found in the Old Delhi area and is a must try.

Price per plate: 20/-


The most prevailing food of Delhi is Paranthe. One can find various types of paranthas at one stop. The famous eatery place ‘paranthe wali gali’ is situated in Chandi Chowk in Old Delhi. From aloo parantha to Mirchi parantha to dry fruits parantha all can be tasted at one place.

Price per plate: 100/- (two paranthas)

Kulfi Faluda

To top the list of cold desserts is the yummy bar of Kesar flavored caramelized milk. Adding to the taste are sweet noodles called faluda. The topping of the dessert has granules of dry fruits.

Price per plate: 30/- 


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