Navratna Korma

A mixture of all vegetables tossed in less oil and can be eaten with rice or roti, Navaratna korma tops the list of vegetarian dishes eaten during Saavan. It is equally healthy and gives you a balance in taste.

Saag Paneer

Also known as palak paneer, saag paneer is small bricks of cottage cheese is prepared with the paste of green spinach and is best served with hand-tossed rotis. Easy to cook, yummy vegetarian dish.

 Veg Biryani

Also known as ‘Tehri’ veg biryani has recently entered the Indian kitchens. Inspired by the Mughals, veg biryani is cooked in a similar way but without any meat. Soya chunks and cottage cheese can be added to fill the missing meat in it.

Sabu Dana khichdi

It is one of the tasty and easy-to-cook dishes. It can be prepared with lots of veggies which will make it healthy at the same time delight your taste buds.

Tofu Keema

A vegetarian keema dish made of tofu, the best substitute for non-vegetarians during the month of saavan.

Beetroot aloo Koora

A combination of beetroot cooked with potato. The healthiness of beetroot balances the meal. It can either be cooked with spices or can be stir fried with extra virgin olive oil.


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