Days after getting popular on social media, Zomato is once again making headlines after its employees decided to go on a strike from Monday in West Bengal protesting the delivery of food that is against their religious norms.

Zomato delivery staff refused to deliver pork and beef especially during the Bakrid celebrations. They demanded that the company should stop playing with their religious sentiments and also to increase their payrolls.

Citing the above mentioned reasons both the Hindu and Muslim delivery boys are going on a strike from Monday.


A Muslim staff of Zomato told media that the company recently added many Muslim restaurants to its food delivery app. Hindu delivery staff are refusing to deliver beef. And it’s been said that the Muslim staff will have to deliver pork which is against the religious norms.

Speaking on the pay rolls they said the current pay roll is very less and they do not even have proper medical facilities. “At the same time our religious sentiments are being hurt. The company knows everything but they are not helping us in any way,” added the employee.

Another Hindu staff repeated the same narrative that the company has entered into tie-ups with new restaurants and that the outlets are compelling them to deliver the order at any cost. He said “we can’t even refuse to deliver the order. If we refuse to deliver then it will be considered as a denial dispute which will be followed up by the manager. Both Hindus and Muslims are equally hurt by this. We want the company to take measure on this and so we have decided to go on a strike from Monday.”

TMC MLA and Minister from Howrah Rajib Banerjee responded on the issue and said the government will provide all help to the Zomato delivery staff going on a strike. He opined that the companies should not force any sect to go against their religion.





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