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The board exam season is already at the door, and all that matters during this time are good results. With expectations of high marks, and completing the syllabus on time, exam stress touches the sky.

Anxieties get heightened, fear sets in, memory suddenly feels weaker, and when board exams are what we’re talking about, all of these get doubled if not, trebled.

Experiencing examination blues are common but very harmful to one’s health. Board exams are like a marathon and students need to put all their attention and energies to work. Exam stress can occur in varied ways for different students.

To eliminate the risk of burning out, one needs to understand the reasons behind the stress. Some of the reasons can be,

  • Low motivation because of lack of preparation
  • No concrete study plans
  • High expectations from others
  • Peer competition

It’s extremely important not to let the stress wave engulf oneself but successfully push past this. Here are some handy tips and tricks for disappearing stress and come out with flying colors in the exams.

  1. Regular intervals between study hours – Taking a break of 30 minutes and doing what you feel happy will boost productivity and concentration.
  2. A quick walk – It is proven, exercising help in memory boosting. Thus, taking a quick walk in the park or maybe just a few rounds in the neighborhood will declutter your mind and help you focus.
  3. Reduce the clutter in the study space – Have you heard of the phrase, “A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind”? Being organized and clean does not overload the brain and improves the ability to think.
  4. Read in leisure – Just because it is exam time does not require one to spend 20 hours reading only textbooks. Reading for leisure reduces stress by up to 68%. A few pages of a book keeps the heart rate low and eases the tension in the muscles.
  5. Get adequate sleep – The benefits of proper sleep in the night is always underestimated. Sleep benefits in the assimilation of the knowledge and help in recollecting the information during the tests.
  6. Listen to Calming music – Listening to calming classical music aids in reducing stress. It has a relaxing effect on the minds and bodies, slowing the pulse, lowering the blood pressure, and decreasing the levels of stress hormones.
  7. Eat dark chocolate – Chocolate is everyone’s favorite. But eating a small amount of dark chocolate every day reduces stress hormones. Remember, the chocolate must be dark (with 70% or more cocoa).
  8. Use less of social media – Cut down the time spent on social media apps during exam time. Maintain a time limit of once or twice per day, turn off notifications. It not only causes stress but also has negative impacts on mental health.
  9. Eat a balanced, protein-rich diet – When faced with exams and exam stress, eating drowns the priority list, but this is the time your brain needs the most nutrition fuel. Eat a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, nutritional snacks. Thus, helping in alertness and memory retention.
  10. Progress matters, not perfection – One does not need to be a perfectionist, though it sounds ideal, it causes undue stress. One needs to look at the progress they are making and not the perceived failures.

Hopefully, these tips will help reduce some stress and all the very best for the upcoming exams!


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