Have you ever heard of a five feet iPhone or an iPhone made up of basalt?

Well, it’s not for any promotion of Apple but rather a gravestone of a woman who was obsessed with her phone.

Image courtesy: East2West News

Rita Shameeva, a Russian woman who died two years ago due to some unknown reason, has been buried below a five-foot-tall iPhone. According to sources the concrete basalt made iPhone was made by her dad Rais Shameev in her memory.

The gravestone erected in one of the graveyards in the city of Ufa.

The gravestone made of basalt is a carved in the shape of an iPhone and carries the image of the deceased lady. The stone also has a logo of Apple just like on an iPhone. The gravestone was made in January 2016.

Mourners in the city of Ufa were shocked to look at an abrupt looking structure inside the cemetery. 


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