2nd, August 2019 is International Beer Day. Let’s raise a toast to laud the bartenders and brewers who brew one of the staple beverages of the globe.

Beer is an alcoholic drink made by the fermentation of sugars present in grains such as barley, wheat, and rye alongwith hops, herbs or fruits for added flavor. Although beer guzzlers around the world don’t need an excuse to chug this golden concoction to show their love for beer, the  International Beer Day is one compelling reason to swig a pint and have a ball with your gang of friends at your favourite nook. After all, this was historically the exact purpose of celebrating the day in the first place. 

History of International Beer Day

What was introduced as a small neighbourhood event, over the years, soared to be a trend where people would mark the day around the world. 

In the year 2007, Aaron Araki, Evan Hamilton and Richard Hernandez convinced a local bar to celebrate the day in Santa Cruz, California. The idea was to acknowledge the beer industry for providing an ideal beverage and quaff a beer or two with friends. For this purpose, they together designed a website to reach more people having a penchant for beer. To this day, International Beer Day is observed around the globe in 60 countries and more than 200 cities.

It was celebrated on August 5th every year till 2012, but by popular demand, it was adjusted to the first Friday of August. The month of August was selected to make the day most enjoyable during summer weather and also to keep a gap from other beer festivals.

Why Celebrate International Beer Day?

Does anyone need a reason for having a beer? Unanimous answer must be affirmative. Nonetheless, the essence of celebrating the day was simplistic and societal. 

  • To gather with friends and family and enjoy the delicious crispy flavours of beer.
  • To acknowledge the commitment and craft of men and women involved in brewing and serving beer.
  • To bring the world and different cultures together by celebrating beer, different brewing methods and techniques from around the world on a single day.

Downing beer, digging various delicacies and activities that go along with it, is a way to celebrate the International Beer Day, carrying the same purpose forward. 

How to Celebrate International Beer Day?

You can celebrate any way you like. Do whatever you may feel to make you and your fellow beer lovers happy. But, make sure not to spend the whole day at your own. 

  • Drink Good Brewski with Good Friends

Head to your favourite hangout zone, pub or a bar and share a good Brewski with your good friends. Another great idea is to invite them to your place and fire up little conversations while drinking beer. After all, there is always something happening around beer.

  • Get Out

There may be many International Beer Day events taking place just around the corner. Check with your favourite pub or bar and enjoy the day at fullest. Many organizers provide special discounts on this day- participate in the events, beer games, celebrations or go to a brewery for beer tasting. 

  • Try something new

Order a special beer to mark the International Beer Day. Be brave and try something new like a cask-conditioned beer,  a bock or something that you might haven’t considered trying yet. It is one the oldest beverage consumed by many cultures.  The world of beer is filled with wonderful flavors and unfamiliar brewing styles. Hop-on the bandwagon and swig a beer from different cultures.

  • Thank your Brewer and Bartender

Brewers and bartenders are highly skilled people who devote their lives to make everyone’s beer drinking experience pleasing. Take time to appreciate and recognize their efforts and work on this remarkable day.

  • Present the Gift of Beer

It is traditional and gratifying way of celebrating the International Beer Day. Gift and share a beer with your loved ones and say the traditional words of beer-giving: “I bring you the gift of beer”. Isn’t it fun?

‘Beer’ with Me

The day is a celebration of all the things related to beer and what comes along with it – friends, happy times, entertaining fun nights, skilful bartenders and of course joy. This International Beer Day shed the flat drinks and try a pint.


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