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Bengaluru is a multifaceted place bustling with energy. The garden city situated in southern India spoils you with an extensive choice of destinations to make your weekends exhilarating. From the nature lover to the history buff, there are several captivating places nearby that can give you a weekend to cherish. 

Here are the top 5 weekend getaways from Bengaluru:


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This beautiful district is most known for its lush coffee plantations. Situated in western Karnataka, it has a lot of natural attractions including breathtaking caves, hills, and falls.

If you seek to align yourself with nature, take a relaxing coracle ride in the gushing waters of the Bhadra river. Animal lovers will find the tigers, Sambhars, leopards, and other wild animals in the Bhadra Wildlife sanctuary exciting. The sanctuary is a Project Tiger reserve and is home to around 33 tigers.

For those into trekking, Mullayanagiri is the perfect spot. Standing tall at 2000 meters, it is the highest peak in Karnataka and a trekker’s delight.

Distance from Bangalore: Approximately 260 km.

Best time to visit: The weather here is pleasant all the time except during summer.



Coorg is another destination renowned for its coffee and tea plantations, and orange groves. Called the ‘Scotland of India’, it is said to be the largest coffee producer in the country. 

If you like to explore the culture of this place, visit during one of the traditional festivals celebrated here like Keil Poldu which means the worship of weapons, or the Huttari which is a harvest festival.

For wildlife enthusiasts, there are three sanctuaries and the Nagarhole national park. You can watch leopards, tigers, and elephants to your heart’s content in the wildlife parks.

Distance from Bangalore: Approximately 260 km.

Best time to visit: It rains a lot in Coorg and the weather is great throughout the year except for summers.

Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills
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Nandi hills is the top choice if you are planning a short trip from Bengaluru. Tippu’s fort is a famous place that history fans throng to.

Wine aficionados can watch the process of winemaking and taste different wines in the Grover Zampa vineyards. Amruth Sarovar lake and the Gavi Veerabhadra Swamy Temple are other sought-after attractions. 

The magnificent Nandi statue in the Yoganandeeshwara Temple lends its name to the Nandi hills. The temple said to have been built by the Chola dynasty is an architectural spectacle. 

Distance from Bangalore: Approximately 60 kms.

Best time to visit: Throughout the year except during monsoon season.


Mysore Palace

The enchanting palaces and historical monuments are the prime attractions of Mysore. The opulent Mysore palace with its eloquent motifs gives you a dose of our history. The extravagant chandeliers and paintings are bound to enthrall you. 

The musical lights in the expansive Brindavan gardens is truly a joy to watch. This stunning place is said to have been visited by about 2 million tourists annually.

Make time to visit the glorious Sri Chamundeswari temple and Channapatna which is known for its toy emporiums.

Distance from Bangalore: Approximately 150 kms.

Best time to visit:  Mysore has wonderful weather all around the year except summer.



Yercaud is a preferred destination due to its sublime natural beauty. There is a host of cardamom, pepper, guava, jackfruit, orange, and coffee plantations that can be seen here. 

Emerald Lake is one of the major attractions in Yercaud. The dazzling lake gives you a spectacular boating experience with a transcendent view of the forests around it. Pagoda point is another picturesque place in Yercaud.

Distance from Bangalore: Approximately 230 km.

Best time to visit:  May is the best month because of the 7-day long summer festival that includes boat races and fairs.

If you wish to unwind from everyday life, pack your bags and visit one of these destinations to have an invigorating time. Choose a place depending on the time of the year and relax in the company of nature.


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