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Even as the number of confirmed Corona cases in India is edging near the 150-mark, Indians are busy googling if it is safe to travel to Goa.

As the world is dealing with the global outbreak and mounting death tolls, some are concerned about their summer trip to Goa.

According to Google Trends, Coronavirus is the most talk about and searched topic on the web search platforms. Well, that is quite spontaneous, given the ongoing circumstances.

But, also a massive proportion of the Indians were also searching if they could still travel to Goa.

Here’s the proof:


Google Trends

The answer is NO. The Indian government has issued a strict advisory on travel and has urged people to stay at home, as far as possible. The government has also asked people to avoid large public gatherings.

Furthermore, the Goa government has also imposed a lockdown. All public places in the tourist spot, including pubs, bars, swimming pools and so on, have been closed since March 15.

Not just Goa, prominent tourists spots around the world have barred the entry of people, until further notice.

Currently, the number of confirmed cases for the Corona virus in India has crossed the 140-mark while it has infected more than 2,00,000 people, globally. As per the WHO’s data, the death toll has crossed 7,000 globally.




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