Best destinations to travel solo

At least once everyone in their life goes out or wants to travel around the world, to explore new areas and unexplored lands.

As nothing widens the perspective of an individual or changes their life in quite the same way as travelling can.

While men can pack their bags and walk out the door with no fear, the story is quite different for women who seek to travel. The threats that loom on the head of a solo female traveller are quite not the same as a male traveller.

While people may say go in groups, travel in a pack for safety, but travelling solo is a one helluva experience for sure. While people may not change what can be changed is where we travel. Which is why here are the top 8 places that a solo female traveller may visit without any hesitation.

1. Reykjavik – Iceland

Reykjavik – Iceland
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A city full of natural wonders, there are plenty of things to do and explore as a solo traveler. Take long drives into the beautiful and famous Golden Circle, check out the waterfalls and lakes. While the morning can be pretty natural and scenic, the nightlife too is pretty buzzing with the music scene.

This comes on top of the safe place list due to its #1 rank on the Global Peace Index in 2015.

2. Copenhagen – Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark
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This place is all happy and full of life which is why it has been rated as one of the two happiest countries in the world. The citizens are truly helpful and very friendly, especially to solo travelers. The places are so well connected, that one can easily visit all of Copenhagen in a bicycle! The architecture is something all travelers are fond of, and shopping is not far behind it with plenty of shops to visit.

3. Montreal – Canada

Montreal Canada
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It is not a hidden fact that Canadian are very helpful and peaceful people, their warmth and friendliness radiate into the country’s happiness and growth. With plenty of culture and historical past, travellers are drawn to its scenic nature. With French restaurant and cobblestone streets, its almost like one is visiting France.

4. Amsterdam – Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands
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This little city is so unique and liberal in its own way. It is acknowledged to be one of the best cities in Europe that one may travel alone. Beautiful canals, also known as “Venice of the North”, the historic architecture and famous museums. The day almost feels too short to visit and absorb it all.

5. New Zealand

New Zealand

Is an island, and the safest haven on earth for women and solo female travellers seeking adventure. The amazing nature provides stunning backdrops to do plenty off activities such as jet boating, bungee jumping, hiking as well as other adventurous activities. New Zealand is a quiet place, and a wonderful one if you seek reflection and calm from the daily routine called life.

6. Palawan – Philippines

Palawan Philippines

These gorgeous islands have some of the friendliest inhabitants. The clear blue water, so ideal to take a dip in, you’ll be stunned by the limestone cliffs and the Puerto Princesa and the Coron Islands around. The city is so clean and tidy, as they take nature very seriously which is why they have strict laws imposed for cleanliness of their island. They are also easy to communicate with as they speak English.

7. The British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands

Fancy a Caribbean Island getaway, then the British Virgin Islands is the ideal spot. Some of the renowned beaches are to be found here as well as a sparkling nightlife. The people are extremely helpful and friendly making the stay worth a while. With low crime rates and home stay option, this is the best any solo traveller can ask for.

While all these options are amazing and exciting, one may even look at Cruise for an option, while a Cruise is not exactly a destination but it is an ideal travelling experience for female solo travellers. With no stress on your head, you can visit multiple places at one time.

(Article contributed by Aditi Chandra)


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