City life can get monotonous and boring after a while, right? So to the people who are looking for an easy weekend getaway to sneak out of the hustle-bustle of Bengaluru traffic, grab your keys. Why?

For we got you some exciting list devour while you are stuck in the never-ending rut of Bengalurean traffic.


Number one on the list is Ramanagara, a perfect weekend hideout from Bengaluru.

For all those who are a bit filmy and are still in love with the all-time favourite Bollywood movie Sholay, this is Ramgarh for you. Though Gabbar long left the place for the newbies to explore, the very same huge rocks and boulders still dot the topography of the hill.

About 50 km from Bangalore city, Ramanagara offers a fantastic terrain for trekking and other adventure activities such as high rope traversing, rappelling, jumaring, rock climbing etc.

The granite hills offer a scope exploration throughout the year. However, gentle terrain can get slippery and dangerous during the rainy season. Frequented by both amateur and experienced trekkers, the hill has slopes that get quite steep at places making the uphill climb difficult for new trekkers.

courtesy: Amitaabh Bakshi

Best Season: November to February

Trek length: 6 Kms

Distance from Bengaluru: 55kms

Difficulty Level: Easy


Just got a day in hand, and still wants to do something energizing? Situated at a distance of 68 km from the capital city, Anthargange is your answer.

One of the most popular destinations for trekking for the Bengalureans, the Anthargange range is a pluralistic terrain with hillocks and caves, formed of volcanic rocks and boulders.

The intriguing set of caves formed out of rocks, Anthargange attracts explorers throughout the year. Situated at an elevation of 1,226 metres, the hill is an excellent option for rappelling.

courtesy: Swaroop C. H.

Best Season: November to February

Trek length: 4 Kms

Distance from Bengaluru: 60 kms

Difficulty Level: Easy


If you are up for a little road trip before you gear up for trekking, then Kunti Betta, about 123 km from the heart of the capital city is your option.

With a varying range of terrains, Kunti Betta will give your feet the right exercise till your next weekend plan. The granite boulders and rocks, and grasslands are at an elevation of 950 metres. With very little topographical challenge, the hill proves to be an easy trekking challenge.

At the foot of the hill is clear, placid Thonnur Lake and lush green fields, which gives a scenic relish at the completion of your hiking uphill. Throw your burdens down, slack your shoulder and lean on to the stone pillar at the summit of Kunti Betta and relax.

courtesy: Gaura

Best Season: November to February

Trek length: 5 Kms

Distance from Bengaluru: 130 kms

Difficulty Level: Easy


Looking for a little time to relax your muscles alone or with your team, then steer your wheels to Kanakapura.

Set amidst picturesque surroundings, Kanakapura range has several trekking trails like Bananthimari Betta, Bilikal Betta, Kabbaldurga and so on. The diverse terrain of Kanakapura is ideal for corporate outings that include activities such as trekking and sightseeing.

Kanakapura situated at an elevation of 2,090 feet, is on the banks of the River Arkavathi. With its own scenic natural panorama, the town of Kanakapura is famous for its silk and granite industries too. Situated , Kanakapura is blessed with natural beauty. An ideal spot for a quiet holiday or an adventure filled corporate team off-site from Bengaluru, the hill town also host activities such as Kayaking, ATV rides or a thrilling game of paintball.

courtesy: Namachi

Best Season: Nov to Feb

Trek length: 4 Kms

Distance from Bengaluru: 55 kms

Difficulty Level: Easy


Looking for an adrenaline boost? Try trekking all the way up to Skandagiri from Papagani Temple. This intriguing night trek spot which is easily accessible from Bengaluru, Nandi Hills, or Chikballapur town, is also known as Kalwarbetta or Kalavara Durga historically.

In your expedition to this mountain fortress, one will come across two mystical caves. A fairly tough trek, offers your adrenalin treacherous terrains amongst the dense shrubs too. Among the sublime clouds, the ruined remains of Tipu Sultan’s fortress and an abandoned fort remains will treat your eyes to bliss.

With 4 to 5 hours of ascending and descending, keep the sunrise and deep dark star lit night in the misty valley as a part of your schedule. The magnanimous sight of the sun rising above beds of clouds, and enjoying a sparingly lit bonfire in the starry night couched inside your sleeping bags is bound to leave an everlasting impression in your soul.

courtesy: Maju Philip

Best Season: October to May

Trek length: 10 Kms

Distance from Bengaluru: 70 kms

Difficulty Level: Difficult (moderately)


You cannot get to the Amazon in a day, but for sure Savandurga is not a bad option either. With two popular trails, Karigudda and Billigudda; Savandurga is at an elevation of 1,226 metres.

Through the age-old fort of Kempe Gowda, the range offers a serene and sublime atmosphere for trekking and exploration.

To mark the various levels of your journey, there are seven walls in all and each wall will tell you how much more you need to climb. Among the two trekking trails to one the highest monoliths in Asia, Billigudda peak is mostly preferred by trekkers over the Karigudda range as it has gentler slopes and yellow markings on the trail to the peak.

The hills are best known for camping with lush green surroundings; the hill itself has sparse vegetation and is strewn with large rocky boulders. Since Savandurga can be treacherous and may lead to dangerous accidents, make sure you get your prior permissions to camp and have a memorable time.

courtesy: Thejasvi

Best Season: November to February

Trek length: 4 Kms

Distance from Bengaluru: 65kms

Difficulty Level: Easy


With a peak height of 3,930 feet, Madhugiri stands tall as the second largest monolith in Asia. The sheer scale of the hill is intimidating and challenges you to scale its slopes.

The strong winds that blow across can make the climb a tasking experience, but the hill rewards the courageous with a breathtaking view of the surroundings. You will also come across the Madhugiri Fort, which was built by the Sultan of Mysore, Hyder Ali.

You will find the ruins of the Gopalakrishna Temple on the peak. The temple, though a fine piece of architecture, is now in ruins. However, the sight from the peak of the Madhugiri hill offers a panoramic view of the surroundings with the lush greenery of the land below merging with the clear blue sky at the horizon.

courtesy: Abhishek R P

Best Season: November to February

Trek length: 3 Kms

Distance from Bengaluru: 100 kms

Difficulty Level: Easy

Now that you have a list, where is going to be your next pit stop?


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