In one of a kind story and a part of the #MeToo movement in India, comedian Kaneez Surka has accused her fellow comedian Aditi Mittal of sexual harassment. Kaneez alleged that Aditi tried to forcefully kiss her on stage about two years ago. 

Surka posted her ordeal on Twitter and surprisingly it was retweeted by Aditi Mittal. “It left me humiliated, shocked and completely stripped of choice,” read Surka’s post. She also asked Aditi to publicly apologize to her for violating her consent. 

“Despite having acknowledged it earlier, she denied kissing me on the mouth, gaslighted me and asked to cross check. I have proof but I thought we believe the victim. Her actions yesterday have hurt me further and burdened me with the task of having to do this but I don’t wan’t to be silent anymore. A public apology for violating my consent will be my closure, “read her post. 

Aditi responded to Surka’s allegations and said that it wasn’t a forceful kiss but a “peck on Kaneez’s lips”. While issuing her apology on Twitter, Aditi also mentioned that the ‘kiss’ was light-hearted and her intentions were not sexual. 


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