Congress Working Committee meet. (Image courtesy: ANI)

With the resignation of Chief Minister Kamal Nath in Madhya Pradesh, Congress is left with only three states—Punjab, Rajashthan and Chhattisgarh—on its own. The party is sharing power with an alliance in two states—Maharashtra and Jharkhand.

Failing to curb infighting, Congress has lost two states–Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh– over rebellion within the party In the last nine months.

In Madhya Pradesh, Congress leader Kamal Nath resigned from the post of the Chief Minister on Friday as 22 Congress MLAs tendered their resignations along with Senior party leader Jyotiraditya Scindia.

Scindia’s exit played an important role in ending Congress’ 15-month rein in Madhya Pradesh.

Congress emerged as the single largest party in elections held in November 2018, winning 114 seats. The party formed the government with the support of two BSP MLAs, one SP MLA, and four Independents.

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Similarly, after the Karnataka Assembly elections, the Congress and JD(S) formed a government in the alliance. However, the alliance couldn’t survive. Within a year, the leaders from both the parties couldn’t function in alignment, leading to frequent bickering. As a result, 16 legislators of Congress-JD(S) and two independent tendered their resignations.

Despite the efforts, Congress-JD(S) failed to bring MLAs back into the party fold. As a result. JD(S)-Congress couldn’t prove the majority and BJP came into power in July 2019.


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