As the ‘Janata Curfew’ begins the entire nation has voluntarily decided to stay at home and practice self-isolation. On March 20, Prime Minister Narendra while addressing the nation over the outbreak of novel Coronavirus, announced Janata Curfew to be observed on March 22.

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In order to ensure proper implementation of Janata Curfew Delhi Metro has suspended most of its services from 10 am to 4 pm. Delhi Police has been distributing flowers to people who are coming out and requesting them to stay indoors.
East Delhi, South Delhi, Central Delhi, and other parts are significantly empty.
CP, Delhi
The streets of Assi are empty, observing the Janata Curfew from 7 am on Sunday.  People are voluntarily not coming out of the house and no extra deployment of the force has been observed.
In the light of growing positive coronavirus cases in the country, Ganga Arti was cancelled a few days ago as a preventive measure.
People have been observing Janata Curfew all over the capital city today. No force deployment, however, police have been active at major places to ensure law and order. Till late evening, people were seen out, however, starting from 7 am this morning, most of the places remain empty and silent.
The city remains indoors, however, a death of a 38-year-old man due to coronavirus infection has been reported from AIIMS, Patna. The man recently came back from Qatar and was suffering from Chronic Kidney disease already. All major places are shut, mostly people are indoors observing Janata Curfew.
Observing Janata Curfew, the Golden Temple remains mostly empty. The SGPC had earlier said that the temple will not be shut for the devotees however they agree that a curfew should be imposed if the need arises. Only a few staff members have been asked to continue working at the historic gurdwara and others have been granted leave. The heritage street, leading to the Golden Temple and Jallianwala Bagh, also remains empty.

ISBT also remains empty as bus services have been suspended. All markets and commercial spaces were closed in the city.


Extra force deployment has been observed to ensure the law and order during the curfew. Streets in Srinagar remain empty on Sunday as citizens observe Janata curfew called by Prime Minister to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Jammu and Kashmir Police has, earlier, appealed to the public to follow the curfew and stay indoors.
The city voluntarily follows Janata Curfew and rods remain empty and shops closed
The vegetable wholesale market in Chandigarh closed after Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for self-imposed curfew.
The city observes Janata Curfew as all historical tourist places remain empty. This includes famous Lakshman Jhoola and Ganga Ghaat along with all temples and shops.  No heavy force deployment has been observed, the curfew is largely voluntary.


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