As a school-going kid, we were always excited to take part in school dances and plays especially on Republic Day, where we used to enact patriotic leaders on stage. With one such scene from Kerala, you will feel nostalgic about your school days.

In a video shared on Facebook, a little boy, wearing a white dhoti is seen performing on the stage with a big stick, resembling a very cute version of Mahatma Gandhi. But, what really grabbed the attention was his innocent gesture during the show.

The little ‘Gandhiji’ is seen walking with his stick but he suddenly loses his focus once he spots his mother in the audience as a man continues to sing ‘Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram’ in the background. He leaves behind his friend ‘Chacha Nehru’ as he keeps smiling and moves towards his mother.

Watch the video here: 

This little act has been showered with lots of love and praise by netizens as it is quite natural for the little boy to get confused after seeing her mother in the audience.


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