Jean Dreze, Jharkhand, detained, 2 other activist, arrest, Yogendra Yadav, Congress, Rahul Gandhi

Renowned economist Jean Dreze was detained by Jharkhand police on Thursday morning. He was detained allegedly for holding a public meeting without taking permission from the authorities.

Jean Dreze was arrested along with two activists. The police later released all three activists.

Deputy Commissioner of Garhwa, Harsh Mangla said: “When MCC is in place, CrPC 144 is imposed, so assembly of four or more unlawful. Dreze had asked for a permission to hold a public meeting and it was rejected. We will look into it on why it was rejected.”

Swaraj Party leader Yogendra Yadav reacted on the report of Dreze’s detention and said that ‘nothing can be more shameful than arresting him.’

Opposition party didn’t miss the chance to attack the ruling party BJP. Congress President Rahul Gandhi in a tweet said that the BJP is in state of war with everybody who works for the poor & the downtrodden.

“I am extremely concerned about Mr. Dreze’s detention. The BJP is in a state of war with everybody who works for the poor & the downtrodden,” Gandhi said.

“Shocking beyond words! Jean Dreze is a saint-economist, a potential Nobel awardee who lived in slums, written and done more for the poor than any economist, shunned all power and glory, took up Indian citizenship, is a pacifist. Nothing can be more shameful than arresting him,” Yogendra Yadav tweeted.

The 59-year-old, Jean Dreze is one of the leading economists who is known for his activism on social issues like child health, gender inequality, education and famine.  The Belgian-born development economist co-authored Hunger and Public Action, which focussed on the problem of hunger in the modern world.


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