Siraj Bisaralli
Courtesy: Twitter

Amid the arrests on the charges of sedition, journalist, Siraj Bisaralli has been put behind bars for his poem against Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 and proposed National Register of Citizens as reported by a leading national daily.

The poet and journalist shared a video of him reciting the video in an event.

Siraj Bisaralli, the poet, and the journalist belong to Karnataka’s Koppal district.

He, along with Rajabaxi HV was taken into custody on Tuesday after they surrendered at a district court, the police said. They were granted bail by a court on Wednesday, The Hindu reported. Judge Maulasab Nadaf granted bail to them on a personal bond of Rs 50,000.

The poem was written by Bisaralli, “Ninna Dakhale Yaavaga Needuttee” which translates to “when will you give you documents”, was recited by him at the Anegundu Utsava in January. Rajabaxi, the editor of posted a video of Bisaralli’s recital on social media on January 14.

Reported by the national daily, The Indian Express, HD Kumarswamy recited the poem in the Karnataka Assembly while the writer of the poem was behind the bars charged  under Sections 504 and 505(2) of the IPC.

After getting bail, Bisaralli told The Hindu that the state’s attempt to suppress his freedom of speech by slapping a case had strengthened him further. “The court has upheld the freedom of speech guaranteed in the Constitution,” he said.

There have been nationwide protests and arrest happening ever since Citizenship Amendment Bill was passed on January 11. The government has stated that the people protesting against the Act are showing anti-India sentiments which will not be tolerated. The majority of University students across the nation are rejecting the new amended Act.


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