India with a population of over 1.3 billion has gone mostly under lockdown due to the growing coronavirus pandemic. A total of 425 positive coronavirus cases and eight deaths have been registered in the country so far.Countries worldwide have gone under lockdown in order to stop the coronavirus from spreading further and claiming more lives.

In India, the situation is critically at the borderline between stage 2—when there is a local transmission from infected persons–and Stage 3—when community transmission takes place and large areas get affected.

A lockdown restricts the citizens from coming outside and helps in maintaining social distancing. India with its population, cultural varsity, and economic structure demands movements even in times of pandemic, hence, a lockdown and strict adherence to it might be able to stop the coronavirus adversity from reaching Stage 3.

In a report by the World Economic Forum, it has been stated that as per a new study from the Imperial College London COVID-19 Response Team, the goal of a lockdown is to reduce reproduction – in other words, to reduce the number of people each confirmed case infects.

“The goal is to keep reproduction, or “R,” below one (R<1) – with each case infecting fewer than one other person, on average,” said the authors of the study.

As per the reports further, there are two ways of controlling a pandemic like this, where first is mitigation, which India has already been doing by isolating suspected cases and their households. Further, by distancing the elderly and people suffering from illness already as both are prone to the virus more.

The second way, comes later, which has been termed as “Suppression” as per the study. In the Suppression, social distancing is imposed on the entire population “indefinitely” and closing schools and universities.

The study’s models show that, painful as lockdown may be for many of us, it works.

Without the lockdown, the chances of positive coronavirus cases might go up drastically in the country.


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