In another shocking incident, a one-year-old girl miraculously escaped a death like situation without any scratch. The infant fell down on the railway track in Mathura and an express train ran over her.

The onlookers were awestruck to see the infant alive after the train passed over her.

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According to sources, the infant apparently slipped from her mother’s hand who was de-boarding the train.

The infant named Sahiba was in her mother arms. The infant’s father said that the station was too crowded and it was difficult to get off with luggage. While he tried to get off train followed by his wife, the crowd pushed his wife and the child slipped from her hand.

The heart-rending video shows how the girl was rescued after she fell just inches away from the railway track.

The passengers kept standing until the train crossed and breathed a sigh of relief when she was picked up from the tracks.

Two days before a man in Andhra Pradesh escaped unhurt after a goods train passed over him as he laid down.  


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