Just when India and the world were settling after the deadly ‘Blue Whale’ game, here comes the Momo Challenge, yet another game that targets mentally vulnerable teens forcing them to take their lives. 

What is the ‘Momo Challenge’ and how does it work?

The game first started on Facebook where people were asked to befriend unknown person.  The game of death starts once the contact with the victim is established and the Momo account starts sharing the tasks to be completed to finally meet the Momo. Most of these tasks include violent acts that finally end with suicide of the player?. 

10 things you need to know:

1. The first casualty was reported in Argentina where a 12-year-old girl filmed her task before committing suicide.

2. The challenge uses the image of a doll with scary features and large protruding eyes which attracts the teens to play the game.

3.The challenge is mostly undertaken by teenagers in the age group of 12, 13, and 14-year-old kids

4. The killer ‘game’ features a creepy image of a girl with a distorted face and eyes bulging out called the “Mother Bird by Link Factory”

5. The picture of a half-woman-half-bird creature “Momo”, inspired by the artwork created by Japanese artist Midori Hayashi.

6. The player receives a message from an unidentified number who addresses itself as ‘MOMO’

7. The anonymous organisers of the game monitor the social media usage of the player

8. Experts believe the ‘killer game’ got popular through WhatsApp.

9. Once the player enters the game, the character begins sending threatening messages, even claiming to know personal information.

10. Two deaths have been reported from West Bengal and several state police authorities have issued warnings.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology had issued an advisory to make the people aware of the momo challenge


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