Indore Eye Hospital (image: ANI)

Patients go to a hospital for treatment but a hospital in Indore led to the loss of vision of as many as 11 patients. The people complained of loss of eyesight after they underwent cataract surgeries at a private hospital in Indore on August 8.

The incident had prompted Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Kamal Nath to order an investigation into the case on Saturday.

Strict action has been sought by the CM against the Indore Eye Hospital authorities as it came to light that the hospital continued to operate even after a similar incident in 2010.

Nath has sought a probe into how the hospital got the permission to function after the incident that took place nine years , where many people lost their eyesight.

On August 9, the patients began complaining of eyesight loss after eye drops were administered.

The doctors have told the patient that it was some infection but failed to explain the issue further.

All the patients were then shifted to Choithram Hospital. The treatment cost would be borne by the government.

Moreover, relief of Rs 50,000 has been announced for each of the 11 patients.

The state health minister Tulsi Silawat said that immediate assistance of Rs. 20,000 is being given to each of the patients by the Red Cross. The license of the said eye hospital in Indore has been suspended, while further action will be taken after the findings of the high-level committee, he added.


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