Eid, namaaz, Delhi
People wishing each other after offering namaaz (Image: ANi)

At least 17 men were injured when a speeding car rammed into a group on Wednesday.

The incident occurred at a mosque in East Delhi’s Khureji area. Protests broke out in the area immediately.

As the nation celebrates Eid, all were offering namaaz on a local road, police said.

“So far 17 men have been shifted to a nearby hospital and we have located the address of the accused driver. We will arrest him,” said Meghna Yadav, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Shahdara).

A probe is on to find how the lapse in security of devotees, especially during Eid, occurred. The police department was already expecting people to gather on the road to offer prayers.

(With inputs from IANS)


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