Ahmedabad, buidling collapse, Amraiwadi
A woman smiles in relief after she is rescued from the debris of collapsed building (image: twitter)

Three people died while several are feared trapped after a three-storey building crumbled in Ahmedabad’s Amraiwadi on Thursday.

Officials told the incident happened in ‘Banglawali Chali’ society near Amraiwadi Torrent House at around 12 pm. The building stood at the end of a congested lane.

Station-in-charge at Amraiwadi police station RT Udawat said multiple teams of police and fire safety rushed to the scene to rescue the trapped people. Seven people had been rescued out of the rubble, while the rescue operation was still on.

Ahmedabad municipal councillor Baldev Desai told the building was “some 100-years old”.

He added:

“The locals have come forward to help and some residents formed a human chain to dig and pass rubble by hand, along with the fire brigade team. Without everyone joining the hands, it was impossible to remove the rubble from the lane.”

Meanwhile, the Congress has hit bout at the Ahmedabad Municipal Committee (AMC), saying that it failed in its duty to prevent residents from living in the damaged building.

Jagdish Rawal from the Congress said the building was “old and in dilapidated condition”. Neither a notice was served by the AMC nor any safety checks were done, he added.

However, AMC Mayor Bijal Patel said refuted the Congress’ claims saying that notices were indeed served but as it was private property, the AMC could not force anyone out of the building.


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