The 76 year old is the living example for the anecdote “Serving mankind is serving god” who dedicated his life in humanitarian service and continues to do so.

76 year old Harjinder Singh runs a ‘free auto ambulance for the injured in road accidents’ in the national capital. Having worked as a Traffic warden in the Delhi Traffic Police the septuagenarian has seen the plight of accident victims and has decided to dedicate his life in helping the accident victims reach hospital within the ‘golden hour’.

Harjinder Singh says “As a traffic warden, I saw many crash victims and wanted to help them. It was only after buying an auto that I could realize this goal.” 

The rear of his auto reads “FREE AMBULANCE FOR INJURED IN ROAD ACCIDENTS- EX TRAFFIC WARDEN, DELHI TRAFFIC POLICE along with his mobile number- 8750697110.”

The 76 year old Harjinder Singh even took a short duration course in how to give the first aid to the injured and what medicines can be used in emergency situations. He now maintains a medicine kit with all essentials to help accident victims.

Apart from that he also distributes diabetes medicines for the poor all of this at free of cost.

Interestingly he funds his social service by working extra hours in this ripe old age. He does not charge his passengers and has a donation box in the auto where they can deposit as much as they can.

Out of these donations he buys medicines with half the money and uses the rest to refuel his auto and ply around accident prone areas.

“I have a very loving family. I just feel one should stay active till the time he can and this way when I am earning money, my family also respects me,” says Singh.

“I cannot be omnipresent, but till my last breath, I will continue helping accident victims and provide medication to them free of cost,” added the 76 year old Singh who saved hundreds of lives.


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