BJP MP Chinmayanand was arrested on Friday

Former Union Minister and BJP leader Chinmayanand, who was accused of raping a law student from Shahjahanpur was arrested and sent to jail on Friday.

Curiously, the complainant woman has been charged with extorting money from the BJP MP, based on a case filed by Chinmayanand’s lawyers. Moreover, three men linked to the law student have also been arrested in the extortion case.

This comes a month after the law student first alleged that the BJP leader raped her, while the woman had detailed in the court what she called a year of sexual assault and blackmail, a few days back.

Chinmayanand (72) has not been charged with rape, but with “misusing authority for sexual intercourse” or “sexual intercourse not amounting to the offence of rape”. His charge carries a punishment of 5 to 10 years in prison and a fine. However, a rape charge would have amounted to a 7-year jail term extending to a life term.

Besides this, he has been charged with stalking, criminal intimidation and wrongful confinement.

As for the woman, the police are still not clear if her name was included in the extortion FIR or if her name was explicitly mentioned as an accused — in the press release issued by the Special Investigative Team (SIT).

Meanwhile, the SIT has claimed that Chinmayanand is ashamed of his deeds. He has not confessed to committing rape, but he has admitted to getting body massage and using objectionable words while talking to the law student.

(inputs from ANI)


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