Indian Meteorological Department has issued ‘red alert’ to Southern states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala on account of Cyclone Fani intensifying over Bay of Bengal. Parts of these states have already begun witnessing cloudy weather.

A low pressure system developed over Bay of Bengal early this week and is likely to intensify into a depression in the next 36 hours according to reports by Indian Meteorological department. This would transform into a cyclonic storm hitting the coasts of Tamil Nadu causing heavy to very heavy rainfall in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and parts of Karnataka.

Strong winds travelling across the Bay of Bengal at the speed of 50 Km per hour. Cyclone Fani is expected to make a landfall at the coast of Tamil Nadu on April 30th. The precise path of the Cyclone is not yet established. The cyclone often travels through Tamil Nadu and makes a land fall at the coast of Odisha causing heavy rains over North East India.

The states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu were issued a notice of high alert. The Kerala Disaster Management Authority has issued a warning to the people living in coastal areas and to the fishing communities not to venture into the sea and for the ones already in deep sea were advised to return as soon as possible.

People residing in the highlands and hilly terrains of Ernakulam , Idukki, Thrissur, Malappuram, Wayanad, Kottayam, Kozhikode and Palakkad districts are advised to refrain from travelling in the nights especially in the areas where there is a possibility of landslides.

The gods own country is still recovering from the devastating floods that caused huge loss of life and property. National Disaster Management Authority has also issued notices to the State governments to take precautionary measures for the impact.


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