A 12-year-old boy reserved his seat in a flight to Bengaluru in an attempt to run away from home due to a disagreement with his parents.

The minor booked the ticket using his mother’s credit card from Indira Gandhi Airport, New Delhi in Vistara Airlines around 10 pm on Friday.

The boy, a seventh-grade student, left his Faridabad home and was reportedly headed to the house of his relatives in Bengaluru. The SMS notification received on his mother’s phone after the child booked his tickets gave the parents a heads-up on the location of their son.

His parents immediately called Faridabad police upon getting the SMS notification. The police there informed Delhi police at the airport which sprang into action and asked Vistara Airlines to be alert and detain a minor boy who may try to board flight UK 811 to Bengaluru.

“The boy was intercepted as soon as he got there and was taken to the IGI police station. His parents were called to take him home,” says report.

ACISF official said the child was taken to the local police station after information was received that he had run away from home.

Typically, children travelling alone are tracked by the CISF for security reasons. 


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