There has been an 11.72% decline in heinous crime in the National Capital, according to the latest figures released by the Delhi Police on Wednesday.

Dacoity, murder, attempt to murder, robbery, rioting, kidnapping for ransom are considered as heinous crime. In 2016 this number was 7,911 while in 2017 it came down to 6125 and in 2018 it was 5,407.

There has also been decline in crimes against women as 5,787 cases were registered in 2018 compared to 5,955 in 2017, the Delhi Police said in its annual press conference.

The Delhi Police attributed the decline in crime against women to various safety measures such as Himmat App, Sashakti initiative and programmes for awareness and education, along with last mile connectivity, lighting the dark stretches as well as including self-defence in school curriculum. It asserted that there has been substantial increase in the arrests in cases.

Though there has been 0.78% decline in rape cases, it has been found that friends of the woman or family’s friends were the prime offenders which accounted for 43.47% (880 cases) of the cases registered against them. The offenders also included live-in (650 cases) partners and those who refused to marry. Unknown and stranger accused in rape cases were only 2.50% of the total rape cases registered.

Increased surveillance on criminals resulted in decline of motor vehicles theft, dacoity, robbery and snatching, the police claimed adding this also resulted in busting major gangs and putting a check on the crimes committed in the national capital region.

Delhi Police said that incident of murder (a heinous crime) has decreased marginally as compared to last year. There 477 murder cases in 2018 (till December 15) compared to 487 in 2017, 528 in 2016, and 570 in 2015.

However, there was 6.01% rise in IPC crime in 2018 (23,6476 cases). In 2017 it was 22,3077 and 2016 it was 19,9107.

In murder cases, it was found 21% was on sudden provocation or trivial issue, 38% because of enmity or dispute and passion related motive of murder was 11%. 


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