A well-known surgeon from the city of Gorakhpur, allegedly killed his wife and kept her ‘alive’ for months to mislead police.

Dr. Dharmaendra Pratap killed his ex-wife, Rakhi Srivastava, also known as Rajeshwari, by pushing her off the cliff at Pokhra in Nepal. However, the former kept her alive by keeping her active on her social media account for seven months.

The doctor and his two accomplices, Pramod Kumar Singh and DeshdeepakNishad, were arrested from Daudpur area of Gorakhpur and sent to jail on Saturday, December 22.

Rakhi’s second husband, Manish Sinha was nabbed for interrogation initially as the deceased’s family had filed a case against him after Rakhi went missing in June.

However, the special task force (STF) of UP Police was led to her first husband and his two associates, Pramod Kumar Singh and Deshdeepak Nishad as the case was solved.

Rakhi’s first husband confessed to killing her, saying she was blackmailing him for money and property.

“Dr Singh and his two aides went to Nepal and took Rakhi out, where they offered her a sedative-laced drink and pushed her off a cliff in Pokhra,” Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (STF) IG Amitabh Yash said.”However, even after killing Rakhi, they kept updating her social media account through her mobile phone.

According to the reports, Rakhi’s brother Amar Prakash Srivastav had filed a missing/kidnapping complaint at Shahpur police station on June 24, against Manish, after Rakhi went missing from Gorakhpur.

Investigations reveal that Rakhi went to Nepal with Manish on June 1. While Manish returned, Rakhi stayed back. The police checked the call details of Dr Singh as he was also a suspect. His call records revealed that he too was in Nepal when Rakhi went missing. The STF Inspector General visited Pokhra to discover that the police had recovered a woman’s body in the first week of June. The body was identified to be that of Rakhi.

Rakhi first met the doctor in 2006 when she took her father to him for treatment. The duo got close to each other and they secretly married in 2011. However, the couple split when Dr. Singh’s wife, Usha, came to know about the illicit relationship. Rakhi then married Manish in February 2016, but she continued to be in touch with Dr. Singh and allegedly started blackmailing him for property.


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