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Soon, flying within India will become more expensive for the air travelers as the government has decided to hike passenger security fee (PSF) by Rs 20.

While passengers will have to pay Rs 150 instaed of Rs 130 for domestic travel, the international flight will be dearer as now flyers will have to pay$4.85 (about Rs 340) instead of $3.25 as PSF.

This step was taken by the government to make pay long-pending dues of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), which is responsible for maintaining security at nation’s civilian airports.

“The increase in PSF is in an advanced stage. The proposal to increase Rs 20 in domestic airfare and $1.60 in international airfare will help clear all pending dues. We hope that it will get implemented soon,” said Rajesh Ranjan, director-General of the CISF.

The CISF, which secures country’s 61 airports, has dues from 56 airports, six belonging to the Public-Private Partnership model and 50 airports that are operated by the Airports Authority of India (AAI).

What is PSF?

Passenger Security Fee (PSF) is charged as airfare of the passenger. It is divided into two component- security and facilitation fee.

Security fee is charged to compensate the expenditure which is used to maintain security at the airport. While the facilitation fee is charged for the services like Wi-Fi, baggage trolleys, escalators, electronic display boards, etc.


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