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The video of a woman threatening to jump off a five-storey building in Gurugram after being fired from the job has gone viral.

The police confirmed that the incident occurred on May 24.

According to the reports, the woman, who works for a private consultancy firm in Sector 18 of Cyber City, was threatening to jump if she was not given a permanent employee status at the company she was working with.

In the video, the woman can be seen standing on the edge of the building’s terrace, threatening to jump off the building if her office management doesn’t hire her as a permanent employee.

The video also features a man who tries to approach the woman to convince her not to jump and step down.

After a few minutes, the woman is seen coming down of the terrace’s edge holding the man’s hand. This happened only after her company assured her to give job back.

The woman said that she was being punished for standing up to the management as “they did not have the proper environment for women employees”.

Doesn’t this video reminds you of Dharmendra’s iconic scene in Sholay where he threatens to jump off a water-tank building?


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