Hindu Samaj Party Chief Kamlesh Tiwari (45) was murdered at his residence in Kurshidbagh area of Naka Hindola in Lucknow on Friday. The constables who were posted for his security were reportedly absent while on of them was asleep.

According to the police two people barged into his house and slit Kamlesh Tiwari’s throat before stabbing him to death. One Saurashtra Jeet Singh had witnessed the gruesome act who narrated the entire situation to the cops.

He said two gunmen posted for Tiwari’s security were absent for the last two days and that one fell asleep when the assailants arrived. Immediately after the murderers left, Saurashtra Jeet Singh immediately called an ambulance and informed the police.

There was a tiff between Kamlesh Tiwari who proclaimed himself as the President of Hindu Mahasabha which was contested by another group led by Chakrapani. The tussle went on for many years between the two parties.

Kamlesh Tiwari made headlines in 2015 when he allegedly distributed leaflets caontaining derogatory remarks against a particular community in Saranpur. He was arrested and charged with National Security Act in 2015.

After the Court quashed NSA against him, Kamlesh Tiwari in 2017 January quit from Hindu Mahasabha and founded his own Hindu Samaj Party.  


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