India and Pakistan Military Forces will take part in Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Peace Mission Exercise 2018 in Russia. This is for the first time after Independence that the militaries of both the countries will participate in multi-national mega anti-terror drill.

The opening ceremony of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Peace Mission Exercise’18 was conducted on 24 August at 255 Combined Arms Range at Chebarkul, Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation.

Around 200 Army and Air Force personnel from India are participating in the mega drill exercise. SCO’s mega anti-terror drill is being conducted from August 20 to August 29 at Chelyabinsk city in west-central Russia.

The main motive behind the mega anti-terror drill conducted by SCO is to expand cooperation among the member countries to deal with a rapidly growing extremism and terrorism on regional as well as International Level.

All SCO member countries including Russia, China, Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan will also be joining the mega drill, which is taking place nearly three months after the top leadership of the security grouping decided to step-up an anti-terror cooperation in the region which aims at disrupting all financial and logistical support provided to terrorism.

Boosting defence and security cooperation among the SCO countries is a demand today when there is a rapid rise of small terrorist groups and large terrorist organisations like ISIS. To deal with such threats of terrorism, extremism and separatism, the grouping, in its annual summit in the Chinese city of Qingdao earlier in June, resolved to deepen cooperation among the member countries.

India for a long time has been forcing the world to take an action against Pakistan for allowing terror safe havens in its territories. It will be an interesting one to watch, how India will try its best to push its demand to pile up pressure on Pakistan through the SCO platform.

The SCO has emerged as one of largest trans-regional international organisations and has been seen as a counterweight to NATO, which covers 20 per cent of the global GDP and 44 per cent of the world population. The main aim of the SCO is to maintain peace, stability and security in the region. 

Credits: Mohit Kumar Chauhan

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