Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) on Friday added 2,191 Point Of Sale (POS) machines as an electronic payment mode for food items in trains with pantry cars.

This will ensure that the correct amount is charged the customer and no malpractice happens, said an IRCTC official.

The paper bill generated immediately after the payment will act as a record of the purchase for the customers.

“The biggest advantage is that one can pay the bill electronically and the right amount would be generated. It would keep a check on the overcharging and the complaints regarding the same,” said an IRCTC official.

According to reports, the machines have been deployed in Mail and Express trains and soon rest of the trains would also be covered.

“Instructions have been given that in one rake there should be at least 8 machines,” he said.

An inspection to ensure the availability and working of POS machines will also be conducted on all the Mail and Express trains from January 26 to February 15.

“This system is indeed very good system as nobody will overcharge the passengers and we have to pay the amount that is generated electronically,” said Neha Singh to ANI, a passenger in Kashi Vishwanath Express from Delhi to Varanasi on Friday.

“Earlier at some instances they use to charge extra for water bottle saying that Rs 2-3 is extra for cooling. Now such type of things will stop,” she said.

“These days people usually avoid carrying change, this is a very good system as now we can pay by using the credit card or debit card,” said Raj Pratap Singh, another traveller.


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