Jet Airways has made it to the headlines again. A Jet Aiways aircraft with over 100 people onboard made an emergency landing at Indore airport due to a technical glitch. According to reports, one of the aircraft’s two engines failed when it was cruising at 36,000 feet. 

“Jet Airways’ flight 9W 955, Hyderabad to Indore of 30th September 2018, made an emergency landing at Indore. The B737 aircraft with 96 guests and 7 crew landed safely and all were successfully deplaned,” according to a statement from the airplane. 

Flight 9W 955, which departed from Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, made the emergency landing at Indore. “The aircraft landed successfully at 12:06 pm at the Indore airport. All the 104 passengers and crew are safe,” a media report quoted Indore airport director A Sanyal as saying. 

The incident comes just a week after a Mumbai-Jaipur Jet Airways flight made an emergency landing in Mumbai after the cabin crew forgot to adjust the cabin pressure in the plane and more than 30 passengers bled through their nose and ears.


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