Kolkata Metro Train (image Indian rail info)

In a shocking incident, a Man died after his hand got stuck in the door of a Kolkata metro train, which was leaving the Park Street metro station on Saturday.

The incident happened around 6.40 pm when the 66-year-old man, identidfed as Sajal Kumar Kanjilal, was boarding a train bound for Kabi Subhash from the Park Street Metro Station when his hand got stuck. As the train started moving it dragged Kanjilal to a distance.

The door is alleged to have malfunctioned.

The train halted after running for a few seconds. Its power supply was stopped and passengers were evacuated, a Metro Railway spokesperson told.

However, according to sources, it was told that that the train stood for half an hour before the passengers could be evacuated through the driver’s cabin.

A high-level inquiry into the incident has been ordered and a committee has been set up by metro authorities. Further, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has also ordered a police inquiry for the same.

The incident invited criticism from the passengers, who became agitated on the station premises. They blamed the authorities for negligence.

Questions are being asked as to how the malfunction took place, as perfectly working sensors in the train door prevent it from closing if something is stuck in between.


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