A man who jumped into the lion’s enclosure at the Delhi Zoo and spent several moments sitting perilously close to the wild cat has been rescued by the authorities on Thursday. The authorities rescued the man after tranquilizing the animal.

Police said that the 28 year old Rehan Khan who hailed form Bihar was mentally unstable and breached the metal grill surrounding the lion’s enclosure and jumped over even as guards tried to stop him.

Spine chilling visuals surfaced on social media showing the man sitting face to face with the lion. In the video the man was seen sitting next to the lion and even lying down at one point. The man appeared to be undaunted by the giant lion.


The PRO of the Zoo Riyaz Ahmed Khan told a news agency that the man appears to have jumped voluntarily. He said “Rehan kept telling us that he has come to die and asked the officials not to rescue him.”

Riyaz Ahmed Khan added that the man did not cooperate with the zoo authorities when they put down a ladder for him to come out. This forced the Zoo authorities to use a tranquilizer on the lion in order to rescue him.

However the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chinmoy Biswal told that the man was mentally unstable and jumped over.  But it was the quick response from the zoo authorities that helped rescue the man.



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